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About Rabbits Unlimited
Rabbits Unlimited is a unique Rabbitry in that we not only cater to kids and their 4H projects, we provide a large selection of breeds from which to choose a pet. Another aspect of our business will be to eventually provide meat rabbits for our local restaurants.  
We are continuously exploring methods to expand our operations that will provide a broader knowledge base which only allows us to help you, the customer, more fully.
If you have any questions about raising, feeding or breeding rabbits, I can help you determine a cost effective plan which will meet your needs.
Our main goal is to have you leave with a smile on your face and a feeling that you, our customer, is completely satisfied.

Melody Spears
Terry Spears
 Production Manager

Committed to helping our customers !
Brittany Spears
12060 pine circle dr.
Willis Tx 77378
Under Construction. For information on our rabbits please call 936-264-6460.